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"The World's Best Lock Nut"

The 'Boa Lock'

“The Boa Snake is known for strangling and killing prey by strangling them.


Our Boa Lock Nut is designed to never be released by the spring grip in the nuts.


The Boa snake of the Boa Lock symbol resembles a spring that surrounds the thread of the bolt.”


/ Applications



'Boa Lock' comparison test

with the worldwide competitor's products.


Products Line up

We have 4 types of Lock nuts.

1. RU (Reusable)

When tightening adjustment and/or reuse is required, RU can be used just like a conventional nut.

When loosening, the fixed end anchor of the spring slides over and rests on the bump and when the spring end reaches the stopper, the nut can be loosened smoothly.

2. EZ (Permanent)

The spring is fixed on the stationary bump.  When loosening, the portion of the spring that is fixed on the stationary bump become free and the spring rotates counterclockwise with some tension until the spring end reaches the stopper which allows smooth loosening.

3. AD (Adjustable)

While the stopper pin is in place, the nut can be freely turned to tightening or loosening direction. Once desired tightening is achieved, stopper pin can be removed to initiate locking principle.  Once stopper pin is removed, AD utilizes same principle as the EZ to prevent loosening.

4. CP (Compact)

This model is made of the spring housing portion of the Boa Locknut.  It can be used on the bolt with a conventional nut to add anti-loosening capability.  It can also be used on the surface with tap where a conventional nut can’t be used.


is a specialized company in Lock nut products designed to develop and manufacture products that have the best competitiveness in the world.

Our products utilize rotational spring resilience. We are confident that our products competitiveness is world best.

Our Company

Contact us


Bongkyo(BK), Suh

- Advisor / Business Development


(C)   +82 10 8952 1590


Stephen Lee

- U.S. Development Officer


(C)   +1 714 272 9799


Han B Cho



(C)   +82 10 3766 5678

Head Office:

Tel:  +82 10 8952 1590 / +82 2 336 1871

Fax: +82 2 336 1873

Address: (13215)

#1105 Sunil technopia, 555 Dunchon-daero, Jungwon-gu,

Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Head Office

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